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Sun & Moon


“Light me up when the sun teases the moon” poetic phrase in English

“Ixgħelni meta x-xemx tinbex lill-qamar” poetic phrase in Maltese

Designed by Enrique Tabone,  taking you on a journey of magical representations through the stages of the moon. Feel the celestial presence of the lunar goddess Selene,  surrounded by astrological signs. Rekindle an eternal ritual as if casting a spell when lighting the ancient fire.

The scent takes you back to a pleasant memory you had forgotten. A calm and safe place where you have never been.

Re-usable tealight holder x 2 different tealight handcrafted candles.

Messages come in either English or Maltese.

Vegan wax.

Size – 7 cm (d-widest) 5 cm (d-top) 6.5 cm (h)

This limited edition glass tealight holder is designed to safely contain your candle whilst it burns.

Care Instructions

Like when handling any candle or naked flame, you should treat your candle holders with care and attention when lit. Keep well away from flammable materials and light on a heatproof surface to avoid damage. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. When the candle is burning, the glass might become hot, so always be careful before touching or moving it after the candle has burnt/blown out. For these reasons and to prevent accidents, don’t move the tealight candle holders when the candle is burning, or straight after it’s put out.

Dish wash on low temp below 30°C or wash by hand.

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Maltese, English

Earring Lovers

Limited edition