The making of QUE

“QUE is not for everyone, it’s for those who want to dream” – Enrique’ Tabone

Here is my first Blog Post, dedicated to all those involved in the journey for QUE to go online.

It has been a year of hard work and dedication to this brand, from designing the Wild Flower collection to proceed with the creation of each item. The brand concept is to specialize in couture designs that bring out the element of fantasy to comfort and utility. Ideas are grown through a holistic design process to create products that adorn the body. Also known as wearable art.

I believe in focusing on limited edition items, which are handmade and exquisitely created one by one, through a combination of fine art techniques and industrial methods, which I have been practicing for around 10 years. Giving individual attention to each piece, making it unique and distinctive. I believe that QUE designs are not for everyone but each item attracts different individuals to make them feel uniQUE.

Before the creation of this website, QUE was more involved in commission-based designs. All the while, however, many asked to buy ready-made creations. It was therefore time to launch online and make such things available to all.

I hope that visitors and customers enjoy browsing through the works. If you have any comments or questions that you think can help QUE keep the quality standards high, please feel free to contact us.

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I would not have managed to finalize the concept without the help of other very talented collaborators. First among these is architect Bernice Casha who has now joined the QUE Design Studio in Qormi on a full-time basis. I can assure you that there are some exciting home products and related services on the way in the coming months.

Eden Brooke Lo Presti has been featured as one of my models for this Collection. She’s has a very bright future ahead of her and we are lucky to have photographed her at this stage of her career. Chantelle Zarb is the hand model you see holding the Exclusive Bag Collection. The youngest model on the team is Maria Zerafa seen wearing the butterfly earrings. JeanMarc Zerafa is the photographer for these photos.

A special thanks to the beautiful and creative Martina Wallin who amazingly modeled and photographed herself for the editorial photos. You’ll be seeing more from here soon!

We will soon be launching the next QUE project. It’s a fashion film made in collaboration with¬†cinematographer Jenny Mercieca, featuring a performance by Ecca Muscat and music by Kurt Aquilina. You can already see photos by Elisa Von Brockdorff taken during the making of this fashion film at The Palace in Sliema.

Thank you for wanting to dream with QUE !

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