Music was my first love.  Music is my muse. Music fills my life with colour. Music is pure joy.

There are certainly many cliches about music but there’s certainly some truth in many of these sayings.

There’s also a rather strong connection between QUE as a brand and music as a creative form of expression. We have been involved with music and musicians for quite some time and count some musicians and singers as our greatest friends and collaborators.

Muxu and Davinia were among the first Maltese singers to wear body ornaments during their public performances. Muxu wore QUE ornaments at two editions Bay Music Awards. Davinia had a specially designed microphone for her two appearances at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and bespoke diamond dazzling ties for her dancers.

Singer-songwriter Claire Tonna wore a QUE dress designed in such a way to make her exclaim that the “QUE dress felt like butterfly skin, unbearable beauty,” at the launch of her album The Port.

More recently, QUE also collaborated with guitarist Kurt Aquilina and singer Ecca Muscat on the Wild Flower fashion film, released on 8 September 2015.

QUE is undoubtedly a great supporter of the Maltese music scene. We are also the sole sponsors of Toni Sant’s MMI 2014 Listeners’ Picks Poll, which is open for your votes until the 20th of October 2015.

We are very much looking forward to extending our connection with music and musicians over the months and years to come.  Play on!


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