QUErful honey

Honey is one of Malta’s natural resources. It keeps for many centuries, as was proven recently in an archaeological find in Egypt where nectar dating back to the time of the pharaohs was recovered from a tomb. The ancient Egyptians even used it as a type currency for the payment of taxes; like the golden liquid that it is.

As a neighboring Mediterranean country with an ancient history of civilization, it is quite understandable that Malta has long been a haven for honey producing bees. The bees of Malta are mostly attracted to thyme (which is known as sagħtar in Maltese) but they are also known to feed on other flowering plants, of course.

The honeycombs in particular are a work of art in their own right. It’s as if the bees are nature’s own little architects. They are capable of naturally designing very intricate patters that work really well for cultivating the honey they gather. Natural honeycombs have also been emulated in the creation of artificial beehives that are so perfect to make the mood necklaces as a master piece. It is indeed these natural habitats for honey bees that have directly inspired the hand-made exclusive necklaces in the QUE line of body ornaments.

Show your deep appreciation for this ancient culture by donning a unique contemporary touch in the Honeycomb collection from the QUE apiary.


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