Love Yourself Like…

Valentine’s Day is a time for love. There’s no denying that. Still, at QUE we prefer that you first love yourself.  That way, we’re sure that someone really loves you.

We feel that this is a perfect way to bring peace into your life. Rather than waiting, expecting or hoping for someone else to love you, you can always love yourself. Why just give your love away, when you can give so much of it to yourself?

It’s not that loving someone else is not a good feeling or that being loved doesn’t feel great. All we are saying is that the first step should be to love yourself.

In this spirit, QUE is offering you a special Valentine’s collection called

Love Yourself Like You’ve Never Been Loved Before.

Don’t wait for your Valentine to get you one of these pieces.You can and should celebrate yourself this time.

Why get this for someone else when you can get it for yourself…without even being selfish?

Ah, love…is there anyone who really understands how it works?  Perhaps that’s precisely the point. Love is not meant to work. Love is just meant to be.

Available from QUE shop in Valletta and Online

Red Choker

White Choker

Red Lipstick MNecklace

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