Illustration becomes Wearable Art

Wearable art is one of QUE’s hallmarks. Our body ornaments and jewelry are at the heart of the QUE design studio. It is also the way most people have come to own and cherish the work of QUE.

It is therefore a great pleasure for us to collaborate with Edinburgh-based Maltese illustrator Moira Zahra to turn her work into QUE wearable art pieces.

Moira created the Jo character after a conversation on a possible collaboration with QUE as a first in a series.  Jo is a young woman from St Julians, who rides her bike regularly on the seafront promenade, accompanied by her pet cockatoo and a pair of cactus plants.  Perhaps you’ve seen her there…but if not you can now catch her in the new QUE collection based on the illustration by Moira.

This is the illustrator’s first experience of bringing her work to life as wearable art. QUE’s designs start from illustrations on a regular basis, so the potential of a collaboration was always on the books. The collaboration offered both artists an opportunity to explore how they could bring the best elements of their own work while still respecting each other’s recognizable aspects.

Moira says, “I’ve long admired the art of Enriquè Tabone. She proposed that we collaborate when I bought a pair of pink QUE Gladiolus earrings earlier this year.  My illustrations have now been turned into super amazing contemporary wearable objects.”

The Jo collection is available exclusively from the QUE boutique shop at 50B Old Bakery Street in Valletta.


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