SparQUE for your special one

From time to time we get special orders at QUE Design Studio. Some of our clients want to go the extra mile. Although we have an exclusive collection to chose from, they sometimes want something that’s made especially to their personal specifications. That’s precisely the sort of challenge we like to get from our special clients.

The latest such request came from a young man who wanted a uniQUE gift for his girlfriend. The specifications were rather simple really: a sparkly silver tiara that’s different from the many available for a few euros through other online retail websites. His inspiration, we discovered, came from the world of fantasy, particularly the elves depicted in such classics as the Lord of the Rings.

This is what we came up with. He was delighted and his girlfriend, who got this as a birthday present, is overjoyed. She sent us the photo you see above.

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Will you be our next special client?  Just let us know if you have any such desires and we’ll certainly do everything we can to turn that spark of an idea into something you or your precious other can hold in your hands and/or wear on your body.



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