Get yourself a Flora Clutch Bag

One of the main things we pride ourselves on at QUE is that everything is handmade. This is why we believe that QUE is not for everyone. However, we also want to make sure that whoever wants a taste of QUE in their life has access to it. This is how the limited edition Flora Clutch Bag was created.

While our Exclusive Collection of bags may indeed not be for everyone (even if simply by the very definition of exclusive) we also have a limited edition bag to suit those who want to introduce themselves to the joy of owning a uniQUE bag.

Handmade signifies that each piece is uniQUE and unlike any other in the collection. We have selected this design to be a limited edition item in terms of reproduction and after the ten made for the launch of this website are gone this uniQUE white Clutch Bag design will not be reproduced again.

So, grab it while you can!

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