PubliQUE holidays

Everybody loves a public holiday!  Well, not really everybody. Some people have to work on public holidays. This is something we respect very much at QUE Design Studio.  So much so, that during the last two public holidays before today we worked to make QUE deliver something special to our ever growing audience. was launched on 15 August 2015: Feast of Santa Maria. And our Wild Flower fashion film was release on Victory Day, 8 September 2015.

Today is Malta’s Independence Day. There’s no great launch today. We’re saving that for Friday, which is just a few days away. We believe that Independence should certainly be a day without work, as much as possible. Although we understand that this is rather impossible in today’s economy, we at QUE have decided to take the day off.  Well, almost. Here’s a little Instagram video featuring one of our most coveted items: the Shishi bag from our Exclusive Collection.

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