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We are able to make last minute arrangements for you by appointment. Feel free to order online or contact us and we’ll make sure to serve your needs from our inventory to the best of our ability. May all the joy of Christmas be with during these days and throughout the rest of the year!

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PubliQUE holidays

Today is Malta’s Independence Day. We believe that Independence should certainly be a day without work, as much as possible. Although we understand that this is rather impossible in today’s economy, we at QUE have decided to take the day off. Well, almost.

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Get yourself a Flora Clutch Bag

While our Exclusive Collection of bags is not be for everyone, we also have a limited edition bag to suit those who want to introduce themselves to the joy of owning a uniQUE bag…

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Bag of triQUEs

We are pleasantly surprised by the simple fact that during the first couple of days that the QUE website has been open for business, the main thing that has attracted people’s attention is our Exclusive Bag Collection…

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