Something Something Something

It’s been a while since our last blog post. We therefore wanted to make sure to let you know that quite a lot is going on behind the scenes right now. We are rather busy with a number of bespoke commissions and we are also aiming to step up our general operations considerably over the coming weeks.

2016 should be the year when QUE Design Studio becomes more visible to people in the Maltese islands. So far our presence at our Qormi location has served us well, and many of our clients and customers also know us through this website. However, we realize that for QUE Design Studio to continue growing we must seek other ways to reach potential new audiences.

While conducting extensive research on this matter we are also preparing our Spring collection. This will undoubtedly be the first highlight for our followers, supporters, and other clients.

Our hope is that we can pleasantly surprise everyone this springtime not only through our new collection but also by the way you are able to experience it as a potential owner of one of our latest creations.

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