QUE specializes in plastics. We are obsessed with the lightness of the material, reflections and other factors. This material let us express and deliver beyond the imagination.

Plastic is also a safe material for the skin. I can’t imagine being allergic to plastic.  It is rather unusual for anyone to be allergic to it. This is why most everyday items are made of plastic, and most of them can be recycled.

One of our clients is allergic to silver and gold, thus she finds it very hard to buy jewellery to wear, even if it is coated in titanium. The titanium coating wears off after some time. Plastic is a perfect fit for those who are allergic to  common precious metals like silver and gold.

We have longed to create earrings precisely to address such a need. A few days ago, we gladly took up the challenge to create a suitable pair of on Lucy Drop earrings with non-allergic pins. The owner of these bespoke pair of earrings from our collection can now enjoy her design selection, safe in the thought that they are not made from materials to which she is allergic.

The QUE team can proudly announce that this particular pair of earrings have been tested by their new owner and they are a 100% safe. :))

If you browse our shop and would like some designs to be adjusted for your custom, feel free to let us know, we love to help. Contact us here or via Facebook page, as you prefer!



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