DarQUE Waters

We often venture into providing services for clients who are after something specific, which is not already in one of our collections. One such recent request came from U-Film Malta, the producers of the documentary project Dark Waters.

This documentary film involves the reenactment of 100-year-old historical events that led to the loss of one of the three glorious sister ships ‘HMHS Britannic’.

The request that came to the QUE Design Studio was for a number of women’s swim suits from the early 1900s. After doing some research on the design and customs of the time we proceeded to re-create a number of swimming dresses to be used in the film.

We paid particular attention to the historical design details and the choice of fabric to ensure that the experience was as close as possible to the authentic look and feel of the time.

You can have a look our work for yourself in these preview production photos. We are very much looking forward to the release of the documentary to see how the final product looks on screen, within the context of the whole production.




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