Chokers become choQUErs


Chokers have become trendy again this summer. We saw all sorts of designs available on the market but felt that nothing really captured the QUE spirit. Indeed, we had to make our own chokers in our own style.

The bright and luminous colours of summer are clearly visible in the QUE choker collection. There is also a playfulness in our designs. This is not only evident in the choice of pieces available but also in the interplay, for example, between a little padlock and the key to it. ChoQUErs seems like an appropriate label for our chokers. Then again, they’re just a bit of simple fun for the summer.

The rest of our summer is packed with a massive project we’re pulling together over the coming weeks. More on that soon, of course.

Anyway, as with all things QUE, you can get your own choker through our website.



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