QUE Shop in Valletta

The long wait is finally over: QUE now has a shop in Valletta!

Our boutique is a former jewellery shop at 50B Old Bakery Street…or should that be Old BaQUEry Street?

The building has been vacant for almost 20 years and it is rather joyous to see it active again, following almost a whole year of preparations. We have retained as much of the original authentic decor as possible to respect the historical late 20th century aesthetic of an old Valletta shop.

We are situated close to the one-time residence of Malta’s poet laureate Dun Karm. This is where he wrote the lyrics to our National Anthem along with his first poems in Maltese. That house is now in the process of being restored by a local firm.

This area is quite active in terms of Valletta’s cultural regeneration, which was the main attraction for setting up the QUE shop in this district: close to Teatru Manoel, between Legligin and Rubino Restaurant, or just around the corner from Jubilee Café and the Blitz Art Space on Santa Lucia Street.

The physical presence of the new QUE shop in Valletta is a continuation on the QUE online shop. This follows the constant demand by Malta-based clients for a central place where they could see the latest QUE collections and try out some of our wares for themselves.

The initial response to the shop has been rather warm. This is quite touching, especially since we’re just a few weeks away from Christmas, which is undoubtedly a busy gift-giving season. Tourists and passers-by have already sampled the wide display of QUE designs available for sale in the new Valletta shop.

It’s now your time to come over to the shop to see for yourself, in person, many of the product we’ve created and you’ve perhaps only seen online.

December 2016 opening hours are:
Monday to Saturday 10am until noon + 3pm until 7pm.

Special opening times and dates around the Christmas period will be announced later.


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