QUE.com.mt 1 year on!

A whole year has passed since the launch of QUE Online Shop and our very first blog! [icon icon=icon-star-empty size=14px color=#000 ]

Woop Woop www.que.com.mt is 1 year old! Thank you for supporting us and believing in our products. It is always an immense pleasure to spot our clients wearing QUE whenever we’re out and about. It is our aim to give you the best experience and anyone who wears QUE seems to know this feeling well.

It has been an exciting successful year for QUE, full of colourful projects. Right now it may look like we’re on holiday but we’re just the kind of people who let Summer be with us all year.

Well, we are a little bit on holiday right now, but still working behind closed doors in the studio. This has been a busy time for us since Spring, particularly making custom, one of a kind, items for the wedding season, which is certainly a desirable luxury. It is a veritable pleasure to serve a once in a lifetime opportunity to our clients at QUE.

Let’s do a #tb 

Remember our place in Qormi? Well, we have now officially moved to Valletta…and we are loving it! More exciting news about our new work spaces very soon.

(OH MY – we’re sooo looking forward to tell you more!)

You know what else was cool?

  • QUE Design Studio was commissioned with the design, project management and curation of Out of the Blue: A Photography Competition Exhibition, which was held in Malta during CHOGM 2015. The competition was open to all Commonwealth citizens, and was organised by The Prince of Wales’s International Sustainability Unit in collaboration with The Royal Commonwealth Society and National Geographic’s Pristine Seas Program, with the aim of highlighting the importance of the Blue Economy. Well, it’s not every day you get to meet the Prince of Wales, is it?    Read More…
  • Dark Waters is the title of a documentary film which involves the reenactment of 100-year-old historical events that led to the loss of one of the three glorious sister ships HMHS Britannic. QUE was commissioned to make some of the costumes. Check out the blog for the images!
  • Throughout this year we made it a point to collaborate with other creatives too. One of our many collaborations was with Easa Links, where we collaborated on the Urban Jewellery workshop. The workshop used the urban fabric of Valletta to inspire the creation of conceptual jewellery and body ornaments. Read more…

More collaborations are also on the way as we speak, such as: Glenn Ellul the super-talented artist, designer & illustrator. Interactive Architecture Lab Malta, a multidisciplinary research group interested in the behaviour of people, things and their built environments. Fablab Valletta and many others. You will hear about them soon…

If you want to collaborate with QUE contact us and let us know.

These are just a few of the things we’ve been up to, check out our blog or portfolio for more and follow us on social media. We regularly update our posts on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

Sometimes we think that summer will last forever. Maybe it is the salty air and warm nights that inspire us at QUE to work hard and follow our beliefs. Yep… it is not just about dreaming, you have to work hard. Well, you are free to dream, but if you have to, Dream BIG.

What’s next for QUE?

It will be fun, trust me! [icon icon=icon-heart size=14px color=#000 ]

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Some of the best moments from QUE’s first year.