Wearing a piece of art which fits you, which becomes part of you.

  QUE is not only about being a brand, it is about being ALIVE.

I am fascinated by customers walking into my shop and picking up a piece made for just for them. And so their story begins. Most art adornments by QUE are one of a kind or limited edition.

I believe that jewellery should be personal and it can also be portable art that can take with you anywhere as your own public art.


What happens to your jewellery pieces when you are not wearing them? Do you put them in a box? Or do you exhibit them in your house?

Although I formally studied conventional jewellery making techniques, I moved beyond all that to also incorporate other ways of creating body adornments. Many other artist have created wearable art, including Salvador Dali and Alexander Calder. Each artist brings their own vision to their pieces.

The medium for my wearable art is plexiglass, which I also use on my art installations and sculptural structures. It helps in keeping earrings as light as possible, making the wearer feel comfortable enough to carry them on their ears all day. In Malta, this material is normally associated more with shop signage, particularly from the 1970s and 1980s. One of the oldest family-run distributors of plexiglass in Malta is indeed my main supplier of the material.

Collaborations are at the heart of my methods of working. One of my most recent collections was created in collaboration with Edinburgh-based illustrator Moira Zahra known mainly among readers for her work on Maltese books. Our collaboration started from my asking what would happen if characters she created as a 2D illustration became 3D creations in plexiglass.

Around the same time, I also met Mira. I find her very visually inspiring. She is now working with QUE through social media communication. Mira Varakina is a personal and fashion stylist currently based in Malta. She has attended Central Saint Martins in London and has been working on a number of styling related projects in Malta. Mira aims to assist women in become a better version of themselves. She prides herself in being able to bring out the best from everyone’s individual body shape.


Through my wearable art pieces, I strive to make the wearer feel whatever it is they they want to feel. To say whatever it is that they want to convey. To be who they are. A piece of art that is an intrinsic part of them.







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