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I want to tell you a story about a sign. No pun intended. This is a story about an actual sign.

When I was about 6 years old, I used to frequently walk around Valletta with my late grandfather. One of our regular stops was at the old post office, where MUŻA stands now. Heading towards is-Suq tal-Belt down Merchants Street we used to pass by a shop that had the sign for Victor Enriquez. He would playfully tease me about how perfect it would be for me. All I had to do is remove the Victor and the z at the end and get Enrique. Little did I know, back then, that I would end up removing the E, the N, R, as well as the I, to create QUE 😉

For some time now, the sign has been covered with signage for a travel agency.

I always loved spending time with him. I especially adored watching him create things. My grandfather gave me my first tools and also my first fretsaw, which I still use today.

I wish he had lived long enough to visit my shop in Valletta. Thank you for believing in me, Nan. You certainly had a great role in making me who I am today.

2018 is ending for new beginnings…and so is the QUE boutique shop in Valletta!

I’m overwhelmed by all the positive messages I have received. I am particularly grateful to all the people who have visited me at the shop during its final days. I feel lucky to have meet so many of you who believe in what I create and have supported my vision and creativity. A big thank you to those who only met me online; your patronage is greatly appreciated.

This is not really a goodbye because I do not believe in them and we’re only closing the shop in Valletta anyway. Soon there will be another blog post with details about some other shops that will be selling QUE in Malta, such as the Valletta Contemporary Gallery Shop on East Street.

The two years at QUE boutique shop on Old Bakery Street in Valletta was a great experience which helped me learn many things about my own work. Creativity is a very natural process for me. I am always on the lookout for sparks of inspiration; embers that help me set my ideas ablaze.  All your positive encouragement has made me truly appreciate the output of this creative process. I do it for you. I do it with you. Looking closely at all the things in my studio this week I realized that it is full of all sort of creations. Many of the things in the studio stem from little curiosities that set me off in a world of wonder and creation. They now keeping me company while I design and create whatever comes next.

I am now beginning to see that QUE patrons may be seeing my work as a source of comfort, smiles and beauty in their own lives. QUE is where our worlds of wonder meet. Thank you for appreciating the style I’ve created. It fascinates me beyond words when people tell me they can recognize my work even when it doesn’t have a QUE logo on it.

Most QUE clients were shocked to learn that the shop in Valletta is closing down. I’m truly sorry for any disappointment this inconvenience may cause our regular patrons. I love Valletta but running small shop in the city is honestly more trouble than its worth. The latest construction developments are a mess and it’s getting worse. My health has deteriorated considerably lately because all of this, different types of pollution, and more. I wouldn’t like to dwell on this topic. I always prefer to keep things positive, whenever possible. 🙂

At the Valletta shop, I’ve met wonderful people from all around the world, made great friends and colleagues, and I’ve spent many hours with inspiring students and future creatives. Now I’m ready for the next part of this great adventure.

There’s no cause for great concern: QUE will still be available online and there will be pop-up events around Malta from time to time.

I prefer to tell my story through plexiglass. However, I promise to do whatever I can to share more of the journey with my new studio in England.

Thank you for making time to read this and being part of QUE! It’s been another wonderful year with you all xxx



Wishing you all the best for a wonderful year ahead.



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